The ritual sphere and royal ideology
in the Ancient Middle East

Texts, practices and institutions
in a comparative linguistic and historical perspective

Verona, March 17–18, 2016
Sala Convegni del Banco Popolare | Via San Cosimo, 10

Thursday, 17th March

    • Opening session – Deities, kingship and priesthood
    • 10:00–10:45: Ran Zadok (University of Tel Aviv), The worship of netherworld deities in Susiana (Khuzestan, Iran) during the 2nd millennium BC.
    • 10:45–11:30: Clelia Mora (University of Pavia), Religione, regalità e potere in epoca imperiale ittita.
    • Coffee break
    • 12:00–12:45: Antonio Panaino (University of Bologna), “Multi-functional” paternity and millenarianism in Wištasp Yašt 1,3-5.
    • Lunch
    • 14:30–15:15: Federico Giusfredi (University of Verona), “Soul” and “Stele” in Hittite and Luwian.
    • 15:15-16:00: Silvia Salin, Therapies and anti-witchcraft rituals in the Assyro-Babylonian medical texts.
    • Coffee break
    • 16:30–17:15: Ela Filippone (University of Viterbo), The words of the King and verbs of speaking in the Achaemenid royal inscriptions.
    • 17:15–18:00: Paola Cotticelli Kurras (University of Verona), King and priest speech and acts in Hittite: an IE heritage?
    • 20.30: Dinner

Friday, 18th March

    • The craft of the rituals
    • 10:00–10:45: Adriano Rossi (University of Naples “L’Orientale”), Building rituals in Achaemenid Susa? Some remarks on the final lines of A²Sa.
    • 10:45–11:30: Velizar Sadovski, (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna), Avestan and Vedic ritual poetry and Realienkunde.
    • Coffee break
    • 12:00–12:45: Rosa Ronzitti (University of Genoa), To be with: poetry of instrumental case in RV III 60.
    • Lunch
    • 14:30–15:15: Lorenzo Verderame (University of Rome Sapienza), The "substitute king" (šar pūḫi) ritual in ancient Assyria.
    • 15:15–16:00: Erica Cóuto, Women’s bodies, (in)fertility and space in ancient Mesopotamian ritual practices. (read by Verderame)
    • 16:00–16:45: Claus Ambos (University of Göttingen), The history of the cult of the sky-god Anu in Uruk: Philological and archaeological evidence.
    • Coffee break
    • 17:15–17:45: Alfredo Rizza (University of Verona), Translation of sacred texts in Ancient Anatolia. Translation theory and textuality.
    • Round Table
    • 17.45–18.30: Round table and conclusion, with the participation of Simonetta Ponchia (University of Verona) and other speakers